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Murth J Hogan,
Author & Playwright 
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Irish Author publishes two novels.
The Attic
Mahatma Gandhi
“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed”.
These words of wisdom did not apply to one of the main characters in this crime thriller.  The Attic is a story about two young couples who are terrorised in their homes. No one can explain, not even the police force, why or how this is happening. The young women are the targets for the strange and frightening things that are happening in their homes. After enduring this torment for monthslittle attention is given to the case of Alice Dunbar, a successful young professional woman.
The attitude of most of the investigating team is that the main character, Alice Dunbar, is a neurotic attention seeking woman. One person, a woman detective, believes her story. Both women embark on their own investigation which bringsfear and tragedy for Alice and, the eventual discovery of what exactly was happening in her home.
Their investigation leads them into a world of deceit and betrayal. This is a world where nothing or no one can or will be allowed stand in the way of one man, a property developer, whose greed allows him do as he pleases without fear or guilt. Their battle of wits with this man leads them into a world of extreme danger. Their resolve to know the truth must remain strong even when they are faced with a determined, very real, threat of death. 

When Empires Crumble

This is an environmental crime thriller told in two parts. In Ancient Times, in a fantasy world, The Great Lord rules with an iron fist. His only passion in life is the destruction of everything, the great forest and the magnificent animals who dwell there. A mysterious woman enters his world, her main aim is to show him the error of his ways. Will he listen to her or will his greed and lust for power seal his fate.
In the modern world, Blake and Jessica want to protect the environment. Both their Fathers are directors of a large corporation, between them they own 60% of this business empire. The third director, a man with a shady past, has no qualms about bending rules or breaking environmental laws, if at the end of the day it increases the profit margin. His actions cause an environmental disaster which threatens all their lives.  

Both books available in paperback and for download.
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About the Author

Murth J. Hogan
Author and Playwright
Two self-published books titled The Attic and When Empires Crumble
From St. Aidans Crescent, Wexford, now living in Rosslare Strand, Co. Wexford.
Born 23rd. March 1952. Educated in Wexford Christian Brothers to intermediate certificate, left school at 15 and did apprenticeship in carpentry with Wexford Corporation. Worked there for 11 years. Studied Interior design and construction. Worked as a design consultant until 1986 working in areas as fall afield as Donegal, Cork, Tipperary, Waterford, Wicklow and of course County Wexford. In September 1986 I emigrated to Canada, I lived in Toronto for 4 years and St. Catherines, a small city close to Niagara Falls for 3 years. I starting writing in 1988 writing both stories The Attic and When Empires Crumble as screen plays. I returned to Ireland in December 1992, worked in the construction industry for three years and in 1995 took up my present employment with a voluntary organisation in Wexford town.
Published The Attic in December 2013, but my promotional work and writing endeavours were put on hold for some time due to the onslaught of a nasty heart attack in January 2014. I suppose in one way I was very lucky, I survived an extremely frightening experience and thankfully recovered quickly over the following months. I completed When Empires Crumble in early 2015 and now I am in the midst of a full blown promotional campaign for both books. Both books are available on and Barnes and Noble in paperback and ebook. Google The Attic or When Empires Crumble, Murth J Hogan to purchase.
I have also completed a stage play titled Cockups. I can only refer to this work as a very cynical and disparagininsight into the present day political situation in Ireland. While it is a comedy, at times, it deals with issues that affect most of our lives in the present economic climate. It is my plan to produce this play in the not too distant future. Venues will be announced at a later date. A second stage play titled This Male Bonding Thing is at this moment in time in the planning stages. This is a completely different type of production and is based in fact. A sequel to The Attic is also in the planning stages. Busy days and nights ahead of me.